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Championship Football by Hemsoft
Welcome to the all new home of the play by mail football club management game, Championship Football, created by Paul Hemmings which has been running since 1988.

This site is intended for the players to get together and chat, ask questions and generally find out more about the intricacies of the game, and for me to relay information and run the weekly vidiprinter service. If you are not currently in the game you should send me an email stating your name and address and your favorite teams.


Once you have a club in the game I can set you up on this forum.

Your username will be yourfirstname@teamname
Season 28 Week 4 processing...
Mon 9 Oct - 14:46 by Paul Hemmings
Welcome to week 4 of the season.

Reset is underway...

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Season 28 Week 3 processing...
Tue 26 Sep - 6:38 by Paul Hemmings
Welcome to week three of the season, the reset is finished and the data entry has started.

We have the First round of the FA Cup in England this week to look forward to and some of you will be hoping to avoid any potential banana skins like last season. There are a few games I'm looking forward to watching like Liverpool against Burnley or Leeds Man United, but game of the day has to be Brighton …

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Comments: 156
Season 28 Week 2 processing...
Mon 11 Sep - 8:04 by Paul Hemmings
Welcome to week 2 of the season, data entry is underway...

Comments: 138
Season 28 Week 1 processing...
Sat 26 Aug - 10:22 by Paul Hemmings
Welcome to the new season, season number 28, wow, the enthusiasm and patience that you guys show my little game is very much appreciated and never ceases to amaze me, long may it continue and thanks.

This weekend is a bank holiday so you should expect things to be a day late.

I want to wish everybody the best of luck for the upcoming games and ask you how you think you will fair and which team …

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Press Conference
Thu 24 Aug - 14:45 by Phil@fulham
Q1. What is a 'good season' for your clubs?
Top 4 - Last season was to just not get relegated

Q2. What is your 'acid test' Fixture?
City,Watford,Brum - Based on friendly results

Q3. Most important player for the coming season?
Sanchez - Import he continues his form from last season!

Q4. Do you anticipate any tactical changes?
No, All made in the off season.

Q5. Which of your summer signings …

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Special Actions
AB - Cup ticket price Executive Box
AF - Cup ticket price Family
AI - Cup ticket price Invalid
AM - allows you to delegate some tasks to your assistant manager :-
Allround coaches +1=give him control -1=take back control
Area coaches +2=give -2=take
Specialist coaches +3=give -3=take
Other Backroom Staff +4=give -4=take
Building repairs +5=give -5=take
AP - Printout Assistant Manager settings *
AR - Assistant Manager report *
AS - Cup ticket price normal Seat
AT - Cup ticket price Terraces
AU - Goal Assist Bonus amount
BA - Buildings Available to build report and list current ruleset *
BB - Build Executive Boxes at £5,000 each
BC - Build Car Park space at £500 each.
BF - Build Family seating at £1500 each
BI - Build Disabled / Invalid seating at £1500 each
BR - Buildings Report for your club *
BS - Build normal Seating at £1500 each
BT - Build Terracing - currently unavailable
C0 - Corner selection type
C1 - Corner code 1
C2 - Corner code 2
C3 - Corner code 3
C4 - Corner code 4
CB - Extra Cup only Win Bonus ( per player )
CC - Play Challenge Cup Friendly * this requires 3 other clubs to participate and a trophy ( of your naming ) will be awarded to the winner at the end of the mini-tournament. There are 2 semi-final games and a final game. All 4 clubs must use the CC order.
CL - Contacts List for your game *
CM - Compact Results sheet all leagues *
CP - Cost of Car Parking at your club
CR - Club Records for your club *
CS - Set the cost of a Club Scarf
CU - Clean Sheet Bonus amount
DB - Demolish Executive Box
DF - Demolish Family Seat
DI - Demolish Invalid Seat
DS - Demolish Normal Seat
DT - Demolish Terracing
ER - European Results and tables *
F0 - Freekick selection type
F1 - Freekick code 1
F2 - Freekick code 2
F3 - Freekick code 3
F4 - Freekick code 4
FA - List Feeder Clubs available and detail current ruleset *
FC - Feeder Club Report *
FL - Fixture List for your club *
FN - Next week's fixtures for a league *
FR - Play a midweek Friendly * state opponent - games arranged by you attract £100,000 TV appearance money
FT - Play a Tour game ( week23 or week24 ) * state opponent ( overseas only ) - club gets £150,000 TV appearance money
FY - play a midweek Youth team Friendly * state opponent - club gets £100,000 TV appearance money
GB - Individual Goal Bonus amount - full bonus details can be found on the Goal Bonus report
GS - Goal Bonus amount
IR - International Results and Tables *
JO - Non-Playing Staff Job List *
LT - Price of Lottery ticket
LW - Cash Prize for the Lottery Winner
MA - Medical Centres Available to use *
MC - Report on own Medical Centre *
ME - match report for a club from their European match this week *
ML - match report for a club from their League match this week *
MU - match report for a club from their Cup match this week *
NG - Next Game Bonus amount ( split between all the players )
NO - Next Opponent Scout report *
NS - Non-playing Staff for your club *
OA - Lager to buy for home games
OF - Hot Dogs to buy for home games
OI - Shirts to buy each week
OP - Programmes to print for home games
OS - Colas to buy for home games
OV - Scarves to buy for home games
P0 - Penalty selection type
P1 - Penalty code 1
P2 - Penalty code 2
P3 - Penalty code 3
P4 - Penalty code 4
PA - Price of an alcoholic drink
PB - Print the Permanant Bids file *
PC - Individual Player Commands *
PD - Number of Police on Duty at the game
PF - Price of a juicy hot dog
PG - Player Games for a club *
PH - Player History for a club *
PI - Price of shirt
PL - Pools - guess away wins get £250,000
PM - Price to use your Medical Centre
PO - price of coke
PP - Price of a programme
PR - Player Profiles for a club * 2 pages
PS - Price of a scarf
PT - Print player Trademark codes *
PV - Set Pay-per-view TV price ( needs own Television Station )
PW - Player Wage report *
PX - Player Asset Value Report *
PZ - Player Commands List *
RA - First Team Results and League Tables for all divisions in all leagues within a game * compact format with no scorers or top performers
RB - Replacement Rule Book
RM - Reserve team match report *
RS - First Team Results, league tables for all divisions of a league * state league
RT - Reserve league results and tables * state league
RY - Youth League Results * state league
SA - Special Actions list * ( this page )
SB - Schoolboy Academy League Results & tables *
SC - Invest money in your Supporters Club by advertising on Television
SH - Share price details for all clubs *
SO - Scout Opponent's club *
SR - report from any Scouts you employ *
SS - Club Results for current season *
ST - Max Season Tickets on sale
SX - Max number of season tickets to be sold
TA - Tactical Awareness for a player *
TB - Ticket price for an executive Box
TD - Print Indepth Team Details for all league matches in a chosen league and division *state league and division
TE - Play midweek Testimonial game *
TF - Ticket Price for Family
TG - Training Ground Report for club *
TH - Transfer History * ( top 150 )
TI - Ticket price for an Invalid seat
TL - Transfer Listed players and Players Transferred *
TM - Trophy Room for your club *
TN - Ticket price for a Friendly game
TR - Ticket price for a Reserve match
TS - Ticket Price for a Seat
TT - Ticket price for Terraces
TU - Ticket price for youth cup match
TX - Season Ticket price
TY - Ticket Price for Youth match
UM - Youth Cup match report *
WB - set players win bonus ( per player )
XS - Extra Stats * shows stats for every action and how well that player has done in their priority stats over the last 3 games for your first team and reserve team players.
YM - Youth match report for your club *
YT - Youth team league results and tables * state league

please note that club numbers can be found on the results sheet and range from 001 to 999