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World Star - 99/99
World Star - 99/99

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PostSubject: AVB SACKED!   Sun 4 Mar - 13:50

gaz? happy?
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World Star - 99/99
World Star - 99/99

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PostSubject: Re: AVB SACKED!   Sun 4 Mar - 13:56

I'm not that surprised. By the looks of it, he lost the dressing room.

Don't think Roman will ever have the patience for a long term plan.

How much did Chelsea pay for AVB at the start of the season?
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PostSubject: Re: AVB SACKED!   Sun 4 Mar - 14:20

Very happy but also sad at same time, It was a brave appointment in the first place but he never delivered and once the players turned against him he was a dead man walking

The football was slow and boring with no penetration and i was fed up watching the ball go left to right like a tennis game, Its all well having 60 odd % possesion but whats the point when you get beat 2-0 at Everton and he clearly had no faith in the youngsters because he has'nt played any of them, Especially Ryan Bertrand who is back up to Ashley Cole so when Cole is suspended he plays fucking Bosingwa who has been one of our worst players all season and Josh Mceachran is easily good enough to play for Chelsea but we farm him off to Swansea when he is easily better than Meireles who has been utter shite aswell.
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PostSubject: Re: AVB SACKED!   Sun 4 Mar - 15:06

to be fair to him i think hes walked into a little bit of a 'poison chalace'

The situation at chelsea is not an easy one imo

Chelsea are carrying a lot of players that are just not good enough for where the club want to be.

To many signings that stink of the chairman signing them and not the manager at the time - Luiz and Torres spring straight to mind.

Torres imo has lost the yard that gave him that little bit of an edge before - even though iv never ever been a fan of his.

And Luiz defensively has a mistake or a lapse in concentration in him at least once a game despite his obvious natural talent with the ball, which has an obvious knock on effect on those around him.

AVB to me seemed to try and make good of a bad situation and tried to give torres game time and hope that he regained some sort of form but the player has let him down imensly.

AVB's big fault for me was that although i recognise he needed to inject some more youth into an aging side i think he was too quick to shunt out frank lampard,
imo hes chesleas most consistant and reliable performer and is usually the guy that gets them playing, despite his indifferent performances for England hes still top end in terms of premiership class.

Gaz u probably know different as there your side and watch a lot more than me but that my 'outsiders' view of it.
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PostSubject: Re: AVB SACKED!   

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