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 REMINDER rerunning league games REMINDER

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Paul Hemmings
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Games Master

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PostSubject: REMINDER rerunning league games REMINDER   Fri 16 Sep - 11:29

This is quite important so I wanted to make sure we are all on the same page with this.

I can rerun LEAGUE games I cannot rerun CUP games. League games will only be rerun when I accept responsibility for making a mistake that could affect the outcome of a league game, and I will only accept responsibility for my mistakes if you have...

1) send your orders in on my standard order sheet
2) used a red pen
3) everything is legible

If you've done those three things then I can rerun your league game.
If you send me your orders by email, messenger, telephone or carrier pigeon then I cannot accept responsibility for any errors I make, that's just one of those things. Data entry of the orders is a high concentration operation and entering data from any source bar the official order sheets breaks that concentration. I'm sure you understand.
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World Star - 99/99

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PostSubject: Re: REMINDER rerunning league games REMINDER   Fri 16 Sep - 12:21

Absolutely Paul and thanks for being able to accept orders by email from time to time!
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REMINDER rerunning league games REMINDER
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