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 Anti patrionism

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PostSubject: Anti patrionism   Tue 16 Mar - 19:28

I do not usually read the Sun but the same story appeared in the Times and Telegraph.

This man is a deluded left wing idiot and deserves bankruptcy, he does not deserve a fucking slap as that would be to much for a nancy boy, cunt and ingrate for the great work conducted by Servicemen, and sacrifices that Servicemen make.

Your thoughts please gentlemen, regardlng how this man can legally conduct a business. I am sick and tired of the hollier than you attitude of people who disagree with British overseas engagement, and this man's attitude disgust's me to my core.

Would any of you in all honesty employ a Paedophile over an ex Serviceman ?

Stuart, one of your Poll's please.

Employ one of the following:


Junkie = complicit in cash for drugs which funds arm's against democracy.

Ex Serviceman.
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Regular International - 95/95

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PostSubject: Re: Anti patrionism   Tue 16 Mar - 20:51

i too saw this article and feel its disgusting, i really hope a man like that loses everything and has to ask others for help and then they could tell him to fuck off.

I love the way he tried to pass it off in the first place by saying it was a former employee, slimey scum that unfortunately exist.
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PostSubject: Re: Anti patrionism   Tue 16 Mar - 21:05

Seems the website has had a rethink too.
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PostSubject: Re: Anti patrionism   

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Anti patrionism
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