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PostSubject: PLAYERS HEIGHTS - FAO Paul   PLAYERS HEIGHTS - FAO Paul Icon_minitimeFri 24 Feb - 14:25

just been looking at this.

just thinking about what u were sugesting about making the playing field bigger,what about distinguishing a little more between players heights, now that we are all a little more familiar with how the system works and the importance of players being able to see their Centre forwards.

So when a winger/winghalve looks for his CF there is more of a distinction between what is a Tall player and a very tall player or what constitutes what is more of a physical presence in the box

at the minute there is 6ft to 6.4 = tall & 6.4ft above = xtall.

at derby for instance we have paul green who is 6ft yet shaun barker is 6ft 3 - in the game there would be no difference in there phsical attributes yet in real life they are leagues apart.

granted this isnt the best example to the masses but i hope u catch my drift, the gap between a 6ft player and a 6ft4 player is quite significant in my book and im sure we can all name examples from our own clubs where to put to certain players in the same category isnt quite right, just a thought but

how about :

6ft - under 6.2ft = tall

6.2 to under 6.4 very tall

6.4 and above = extra tall.
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