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 Next week's financial matters ...

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Next week's financial matters ... Empty
PostSubject: Next week's financial matters ...   Next week's financial matters ... Icon_minitimeFri 18 Apr - 16:43

I am upgrading the maths package for Championship Football which is part of the new system to allow CF to run on 64 bit operating systems. It will be heavily used to calc your financial feedback on week 14.

I am going to run the finances for week 14 on both systems, new and existing. I'll check as much as I can before sending it out. But week 14 will be its maiden voyage so check through the output carefully to see if their are any issues with week 14. If we find issues I can easily swap out the new finances and swapin the finances run on the existing system.

Shouldn't really be noticeable but just in case I thought I'd mention it.

Things like rounding up may be slightly different but nothing major.
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Next week's financial matters ...
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