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 Wimbledon going home

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Wimbledon going home Empty
PostSubject: Wimbledon going home   Wimbledon going home Icon_minitimeFri 11 Dec - 9:19

I was born in Merton and as a young lad we lived a stone's throw away from Wimbledon's old Plough Lane ground and I'd often stand in the bedroom window as a youngster and watch the footie, sometimes the balls would come over into our back garden and a couple of days later somebody from the club would knock on the front door and ask us if we had found any footballs and could they please have their ball back. Mind you they were down in the Southern League then, just after turning professional. Been through a lot during their history including Vinnie Jones so it was swell to see them given permission to build a new stadium on the old plough lane site, thought i'd go and have a looksee what had changed, and wow I dont recognise anything anymore, but they are home and I never doubted it, its just the Wimbledon way.
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Wimbledon going home
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