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 Press Conference

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PostSubject: Press Conference   Press Conference Icon_minitimeThu 24 Aug - 14:45

Q1. What is a 'good season' for your clubs?
Top 4 - Last season was to just not get relegated

Q2. What is your 'acid test' Fixture?
City,Watford,Brum - Based on friendly results

Q3. Most important player for the coming season?
Sanchez - Import he continues his form from last season!

Q4. Do you anticipate any tactical changes?
No, All made in the off season.

Q5. Which of your summer signings do you need to settle the quickest?
Zabaleta/Coleman/Walcott... Only had 1 week to really settle them in hope the friendlies and tours/CC payed off.

Q6. Which piece of summer business are you happiest with?
Wasnt really in the off season but Sane for 135million really helped to boost stadium capacity.

Q7. Which player do you feel you most missed out on, that another manager signed during the season break?
Antonio Rudiger... would have been a welcome addition however Geoff was swift on the deal.

Q8. Which of your players will be in your starting 11 for week 1, but you hope he doesn't feature in week 22.
Martin Skrtel or Bastian Schwienstieger.

Q9. Given a magic wand, which of your rivals (in your division) players would you like to see in your clubs colours? 
Hugo Lloris or Romelu Lukaku

Q10. Which position in your chosen formation do you see as currently the weakest link?
AM/RB neither have a natural Backup even if first choice are solid

Q11. Which do you see as the strongest?
DY - Yaya with Ramires ready to pounce on any dip in form!

Q12. Who will finish as leading scorer in your division?

Q13. Are you planning on entering European competition?
Champions League - Fulham     Europa - Genk  Botafogo - Copa Liba

Q14. Which youngster in your academy do you have highest hopes for?
Not quiet academy players but Lindelof and Bakayoko... 
Genk - Kessie/Milinkovic/Seri/Karamoh
Botafogo - Jose Gomes/Ascacibar/Barco

Q15. If you were a bookie, what odds would you give your own team and your rivals in your division, to win the league?

Q16. Surprise package of the season? Manager or team, feeder or parent.
Nantes - If they are in campions league in place of Charlton.

Q17. Who do you think will not live up to expectations?
Real Madrid / Plymouth - Both teams need to be winning trophies based on previous glory at the clubs.

Q18. Champions League winner, three most likely?

Q19. Europa League winner, three most likely?

Q20. Domestic Cup winner, three most likely?
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PostSubject: Re: Press Conference   Press Conference Icon_minitimeThu 24 Aug - 17:07

Thanks Phil a great read.
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Press Conference
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