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 Transfer Windows/Rules

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Transfer Windows/Rules Empty
PostSubject: Transfer Windows/Rules   Transfer Windows/Rules Icon_minitimeSun 2 May - 16:10

we had this idea before i know.

paul has mentioned not being happy about same players being sold to circum-navigate feeder club rules.

of course, as things stand nobody is actually breaking any rules, and to say it makes the game unrealistic is a bit contradictory as there are plenty of things that dont make the game realistic (we could make lists and lists if we wanted to).

so anyway....the idea here is to suggest some new ideas to maybe make things healthier and fairer....if such a thing were to exist in the game, but we can try i suppose.

i have three suggestions which could all be implemented:

1) a maximum of three transfers from feeder to parent over the course of a season

2) any player that moves from feeder to parent has to be sold for the price he was purchased for or the resell price (whichever is higher). this will stop people from say newing a player for 150k and selling him to their parent club for the same fee when he has a tribunal value of say 5m. it will also stop people from buying a player at their feeder club for say 20m and selling them to their parent club for the lower tribunal value.

3) in real life players can be sold once in each transfer window. thats twice per year. the game could reflect this aswell:

transfer phase 1 = week 23 to week 10

transfer phase 2 = week 11 to 22

a player can be moved once in each of those windows. you may ask why from week 23 and not week 1 for the first phase...this is so that all players are available for movements after the seasons end on week 22. but they cannot then move again until week 11.

i have sent this to Paul already regardless of consensus or opinion, though of course i felt i should write it here to discuss.
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Transfer Windows/Rules
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