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 boring stuff...the election

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boring stuff...the election Empty
PostSubject: boring stuff...the election   boring stuff...the election Icon_minitimeSat 8 May - 23:18

so...cons had the most seats and the most votes. why havnt they won?
ok i do know the reasons why but the political system makes me laugh, almost much like this does (study it closely)

so, scottish football and the political system have a common theme.

they may aswell just have a coalition of loser parties. not that it can surely happen but bugger the will of the people and all common sense. it'd be like this weekend chelsea winning the title only for ther 19 other league managers to have a vote and decide that man united should get it instead. honestly, why do we bother turning up at polling stations in the first place, its no wonder so many people abstain.
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boring stuff...the election
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