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 World Cup Bid

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World Cup Bid Empty
PostSubject: World Cup Bid   World Cup Bid Icon_minitimeThu 2 Dec - 18:41

so....there's no way in the world that the FIFA members that voted would not be swayed by Roman Abramovich buying them a nice big yacht or wedging them up. there's no corruption in football whatsoever. *takes off roses tinted glasses*. ahhh...that's more like it....

the trouble is....we talked a good game to deliver the 2018 tournament and easily had the best bid out of everyone. but we were never going to be able to put our money where are mouth is compared to the Russians and the sad fact is, this world cup bid was decided a long time ago and any crowing that Beckham, William and Cameron did in the last week, or the documentary on Panaroma, had no bearing on this mornings vote whatsoever. its a shame that this is what its come down to but how else can you describe it? who seriously fancies the idea of a world cup on shitty plastic pitches in shitty stadiums with shitty transport and a logistical nightmare, not to mention the time zones. exactly.
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World Cup Bid
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