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 North or South.....

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North or South..... Empty
PostSubject: North or South.....   North or South..... Icon_minitimeSun 12 Jun - 18:01

next time you're at a pub quiz keep an eye out for the following question....

1. Which part of the country is Bishop's Stortford in. North or South?

the answer is..............

and if anybody tells you you're wrong by saying "but its only 10 miles north of the M25" show them this page Wink Smile

and if you're travelling to Bishop's Stortford to watch them as a neutral southern softy, don't forget to give them the old "YOU DIRTY NORTHERN BASTARDS!!" chant, just for the pure comedy of it.

Though in all seriousness, I'm sure their fans are'nt laughing at their new found northern status for those cosy trips to Blyth and Workington.

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North or South.....
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