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 Gary Neville and Ray Wilkins

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Gary Neville and Ray Wilkins Empty
PostSubject: Gary Neville and Ray Wilkins   Gary Neville and Ray Wilkins Icon_minitimeSun 28 Aug - 17:09

Gary neville does make me laugh as a pundit. he's so....,,,forthright?! I was going to say he says it 'as it is' but he doesn't....he multiplies it by 10 and gives it the full monty. entertaining tho!

as for Wilkins....he has grown on me over the years. he is the opposite to harsh old 'Nev in that he really doesn't have much of a bad word to say about anyone. you listen to him, even when he's having a dig he'll kind of offer some nice little sentiment at the end like "oh but he has lots of potential" or something or other. Even after he was axed from Chelsea you never heard him with a bad word to say about anybody or anything that happened. just carried on holding chelsea in high esteem. Wilkins used to bore me to death and his voice is still kinda monotone but if you listen to him he sounds kinda sweet cos even when he's having a dig at someone you can just tell that he really doesn't want to be and would rather focus on positives than negatives.

so....neville and wilkins...the yin and yang of sky sports punditry.
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Gary Neville and Ray Wilkins
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