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 portsmouth unmanaged

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PostSubject: portsmouth unmanaged   portsmouth unmanaged Icon_minitimeMon 26 Sep - 20:33

just so you all know, i resigned from portsmouth this week. patim kasami is their best player. he was 9790 when i left. aguilar could be decent, he's only 16. the rest are shite unless you like welshmen and irishmen with two left feet (brunt and ledley). brunt is a bit like a half baked matt le tissier....if he can be bothered he's a pretty good player, the rest of the time he's useless. the only difference with le tissier was the times he looked shite were paper-cracked by the sublime. john ruddy is one of only three english premier league goalkeepers playing in a first team. he was like 8886 i think, I didnt review him cos i preferred shwan jalal to be honest. he's probably useless tho since he's 1) english and 2) a goalkeeper. the two never seem to mix well since seaman retired. you never know he might be as good as les sealey.
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portsmouth unmanaged
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