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 Playoff teams and skill drops

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Playoff teams and skill drops Empty
PostSubject: Playoff teams and skill drops   Playoff teams and skill drops Icon_minitimeThu 21 Oct - 0:15

Couldn't find the original post on this issue so figured I'd start a new thread. I asked Paul about this issue (re Playoff teams not dropping skills) and here is his response:

Quote :
Playoff team skills are reduced at the time they get knocked out of the playoffs or the playoffs end, whichever comes first, and the reduction is adjusted for the week too. It is hard to see the chages though cos for the final teams the reduce doesn't happen til week24. and then there is a train in the same week too. but they are reduced.

Spelt as Paul spelt things. Good to see that there is a sensible skill drop. Not sure I noticed it though. Maybe the skill drop isn't as much as for the rest of us?
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Playoff teams and skill drops
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